Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are central vacuums noisy?

Actually the opposite. Central vacuums are much quieter than your regular plug in the wall cord vacuum. This is because the motor to your vacuum is somewhere tucked away in your house. It could be in your garage, basement, or in a hall closet.

Is a central vacuum easy to use?

Zenex Central vacuums are easy to set up and even easier to use. They come with a long list of accessories and parts, which makes it the most convenient to clean up certain messes in hard to reach places in your home. (Say goodbye to your old Roomba)!

Are central vacuums good for indoor allergens?

Yes! Zenex central vacuums are great for indoor allergens. You can say goodbye to air in your home circulating the same allergens that tend to make you sick. Your air will be cleaner because the vacuum extracts dirt, dust and debris out of our house and into your main power unit. The power unit that is in your basement, garage, or closet, is filtered through a hose outside.

How do you specify a power unit for your home?

Many manufacturers suggest that house size is the primary determining factor for choosing the proper sized power unit. It is true that a larger house should have a larger power unit. A large house takes longer to clean, which means the vacuum will run for longer periods of time. A large motor is more heavy duty, and is better suited to continuous use than a smaller motor.

A family’s lifestyle should play an important role in determining power unit size. Pets, kids, & lots of foot traffic can create big cleaning jobs, regardless of house size. Another important factor is the length of you time that you expect to live in your home. Zenex models carry a seven or ten year warranty depending on the unit you choose.

How does the motor of a central vacuum compare to a plug in vacuum? (Vacuum with a cord)

The central vacuum motor is actually 3 times stronger than a regular vacuum. The stronger the motor means for a more powerful deep cleaning! Since you’re also keeping your vacuum in a cooler, dryer area of your house, you’ll also get longer motor life (which will save you money over time)

What do I do with my portable vacuum?

After installing your central vacuum system, you can kick your portable vacuum to the curb. You tend to replace portable vacuums every 2-3 years and sometimes even sooner depending on which parts malfunction first. Central vacuums have a longer life expectancy where you won’t find yourself replacing any parts at least 10 years or so down the road.

Will adding a central vacuum to my home benefit it in the long run?

When you add a central vacuum into your home it instantly boosts your homes resale value (sometimes upwards of $2,000). Anyone can add a central vacuum system into their home. These vacuums can fit anywhere, whether your home is brand new or has old construction holding everything up. We also carry the parts to install them completely solo (for all of those DIY types out there), if taking on that kind of a mission excites you.

How much time do I need to set aside for installation?

Installing a central vacuum system typically takes less than a full day, and usually requires little to no demolition. Central vacuums can be installed just about anywhere in your home.

Cloth or Bag Filters: Which is better?

All Zenex Vacuum systems come equipped with a permanent cloth filter. This means that the bucket has to be emptied and the cloth has to be shaken completely clean. You may place a plastic bag around your filter to save yourself from dust.

How do I empty a vacuum canister?

In order to empty a Zenex Central Vacuum system, you can unlatch the bottom of the canister while holding the bottom section of your tank. If you position the lower section into a large garbage bag and hold the bag closed you can dump the contents into the bag. When you shake the contents into the bag, if you grab the center of the cloth filter with your opposite hand you can then shake the filter, tossing the contents into the garbage and then latching the bottom back onto your Zenex unit.

What are the benefits of having a central vacuum system?

Having a central vacuum system offers many advantages to homeowners. First, it is more powerful than traditional portable vacuums and can easily remove dirt and debris from carpets, hard floors, furniture, and other surfaces. It also allows for easier cleaning since no bulky vacuum needs to be dragged around the house – all you have to do is plug it in wherever you are. Additionally, the additional suction power means that vacuuming time is greatly reduced. Central vacuums are also quieter than traditional vacuums thanks to sound-dampening materials and insulated piping. Lastly, these systems are known to last longer due to fewer moving parts that can wear out over time.

How does a central vacuum system work?

A central vacuum system works by using an insulated piping network to move air, powered by a motorized unit which is located in a central area of the home such as a garage, basement or utility closet. The power unit uses suction to draw dirt and debris through small hoses and into the collectible canister. This method of cleaning allows for faster and easier vacuuming since you don’t have to constantly switch out full bags or move around your portable vacuum cleaner from room to room. Additionally, most modern systems come with various attachments that allow for greater versatility when cleaning hard-to-reach areas or furniture.

What should I look for when buying a central vacuum system?

When shopping for a central vacuum system, it’s important to keep in mind the size of your home and type of flooring. Most systems come with either an upright or canister model, so consider which one would be optimal for your space. Most systems also feature accessories such as hoses, cleaning tools, and brushes for added convenience. Additionally, pay attention to the power rating of the unit and make sure it meets your needs. Lastly, read customer reviews carefully to ensure you’re getting a reliable product that will meet your expectations.

Where can I find central vacuum system parts and accessories?

At Zenex Central Vacuum Systems we carry all parts and accessories you may need for your central vacuum system. Our parts and accessories fit all major brands. This means you can use our vacuum system or our vacuum system parts for any and all vacuum repairs. If your home does not have an already existing hose or accessories for a centralized vacuum unit, we would recommend looking into a complete vacuum attachment kit.