About Our System


Zenex Central Vacuum Systems are designed to last the life of the house. As with any machine with a motor, the ability to filter and prevent dirt from reaching the moving parts will greatly prolong the motor life. With this in mind, Zenex Central Vacuum System Power Units have permanent, self-cleaning Kant-Klog filter assemblies (except for model #300). 
This filter never needs to be removed, cleaned, or handled in any way! 

How to Specify a Power Unit for your Home

Many manufacturers suggest that house size is the primary determining factor for choosing the proper sized power unit. It is true that a larger house should have a larger power unit. A large house takes longer to clean, which means the vacuum will run for longer periods of time. A large motor is more heavy duty, and is better suited to continuous use than a smaller motor.

A family's lifestyle should play an important role in determining power unit size. Pets, kids, & lots of foot traffic can create big cleaning jobs, regardless of house size. Another important factor is the length of you time that you expect to live in your home. Zenex models carry a seven or ten year warranty depending on the unit you choose.


Central vacuum power is rated by measuring the suction (Waterlift), and airflow (Cubic feet per minute of air velocity- CFM) of a given vacuum motor. Below you will find the specifications for the Zenex Central Vacuum System Power Units.

Owner's Manual

Click to download and read the 2015 Owner's Manual

2015 Owner's Manual