Build Your Own System

1. Determine the number of inlet valves your application requires

Zenex Central Vacuum Systems come equipped with a 30’ standard length hose. If ideally situated, inlet valves allow for vacuuming of up to 700 square feet. To figure the number of Inlet Valves you require, estimate the square footage of your home. Divide the square footage by 700. This will give you the approximate number of inlet valves your home will require.
*It is important to consider furniture placement and unusual floor plan layouts. It is best to not have to stretch the hose around corners and woodwork. In bedrooms, allow for the hose to go around (not over) the beds.

2. Choose the appropriately sized Vacuum Power Unit

Zenex Central Vacuum Systems manufactures vacuum power units of varying strengths and sizes. All of our units are built using the same permanent filtration system, electronics, and rust preventative canister. The only difference between our models is the size of the vacuum motors. The larger the vacuum motor, the more suction (Waterlift) and airflow (CFM) will be generated. Zenex Power Unit Specifications
While it is true that large homes should have a large vacuum, it is not necessarily true that a smaller home should have a smaller vacuum unit. Large homes take longer to clean; therefor the system runs for longer periods at a time. A larger motor is better suited to extended use, and will be more durable than a smaller motor.
A small home with a BIG cleaning job (pets, kids) will benefit from the power of a larger vacuum motor.

3. Select your Accessory Package

The third and final decision to make when shopping for a central vacuum system is selecting the accessories that will be most effective for your cleaning task.
Homes with carpet & rugs benefit from the electricPower Team Package. This accessory package includes a 30’ Swivel Electric On/Off Hose, and an Electric Power Brush. These parts groom carpeted surfaces with ease, and allow the suction of the vacuum to pull dirt from deep inside the carpet.
The Swivel Electric On/Off Hose’s handle turns in a 360° circle for easy extension and uncoiling of the hose. There is a power cord molded into the hose that carries electrical current to the Electric Power Brush. The handle features a three-position on/off switch for fingertip control of vacuum suction, and power brush operation. The Power Team Package includes a Deluxe Tool Kit (Floor/Rug Tool, Dusting, Upholstery, and Crevice tools, Hose Hanger, Chrome Wands, & Tool Caddy)
For homes with minimal carpeted surfaces, theStandard Hose and Tool Kit is recommended. The tool kit includes parts for vacuuming tile, wood, linoleum, rugs, furniture dusting, a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, two chrome wands, and a hose hanger. The Standard Hose is a 30’ Crushproof Hose.